Week 2 Update – Our couples are really getting into it

four hour body coupleHi everyone, Luke and Kat here – the Four Hour Body Couple!

As we introduced you to our Couples Challenge last week, here’s a quick bit of background: We have 5 couples, from around North America, who are now living the four hour body lifestyle – they are eating according to the slow carb guidelines in the book, and they are taking the PAGG Supplement from Pareto Nutrition. We’re working with our couples, coaching them and providing help along the way, as they work towards their goals. Our couples have set their sights and you can learn more about them, by clicking on the photos above.

This week, our couples answer some questions about their favorite slow carb meals, and also what it’s like to be on the diet and have other people ask questions about it. There are some great recipe ideas too, and a super special secret ingredient that has made us rethink chili!

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Our couples are getting some really good results, and for some people that means great fat loss, for others it means redefining goals and re-setting goals, which is a great stage to be at.

This week we worked with our couples to look at some things they could fine tune, and we found that water is a real challenge. Getting enough in each day can be difficult, with a busy lifestyle and no convenient way of reminding ourselves, it’s easy to go a few hours without having a drink. Water is key to fat loss, however, so we made some suggestions that we hope makes it easier to drink more – these included setting a countdown alarm on a cell phone, setting Google Calendar reminders with a text message alert, and also simple carrying around a 1L/32oz water bottle everywhere, and making sure it was empty by lunchtime, and again by dinner time.

We also heard about some challenges with breakfast, so we came up with some ideas for that. We had a great suggestion from one of our couples – that salmon is a great option for early morning protein. Salmon is very protein-dense, which means you don’t need a lot of it to get lots of high quality, lean protein in. This is a great option for people who don’t want eggs every day, or have a reason not to eat eggs at all. We also recommend including beans or lentils in every breakfast, to get the metabolism going, and to have good energy through the morning. We suggest red split lentils, which don’t need soaking, and cook in boiling water in approximately 10 minutes.

Have a look through this week’s videos, watch our couples, and leave your comments!
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