The Couples Challenge Begins! Week 1

Hi everyone, Luke and Kat here – the Four Hour Body Couple!

We are so excited to be kicking off our Couples Challenge this week.. and can’t wait to share our couples’ stories and experiences with you.

We have 5 couples, from around North America, who are now living the four hour body lifestyle – they are eating according to the slow carb guidelines in the book, and they are taking the PAGG Supplement from Pareto Nutrition. We’re working with our couples, coaching them and providing help along the way, as they work towards their goals. And goals they have! Our couples have set their sights and you can learn more about them, by clicking on the links or the photos above.

So, we’re very happy to introduce you to:

  • Kirsten and Larry – These guys are looking to lose some serious fat as they prep for their vacation to Hawaii later in summer. With incentive like that, there’s nothing getting in their way!
  • Brent and Lauren – Both Brent and Lauren looked forward in their lives, to 5 or 10 years down the line, and saw that their current lifestyle needed some changes.
  • Steven and Kat – Steven and Kat are keen to lose some fat, so they can fit into some clothes they love, and buy some new ones that look great, but importantly, so they can feel healthier every day.
  • Heather and Steve – Heather and Steve have their sights set on losing weight, and feeling better.
  • Jesse and Melinie – Jesse and Melinie have some big goals in fat loss (100 and 75lbs respectively), and they are both really happy to be making some real positive changes in their and their family’s life.

So enough from us, we want to get you familiar with our couples. Go ahead and check them out, by using the links above!

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