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four hour body coupleHi everyone, Luke and Kat here – the Four Hour Body Couple!

So, for anyone that’s new to the Couples Challenge, here’s the background: We have 5 couples, from around North America, who are now living the four hour body lifestyle – they are eating according to the slow carb guidelines in the book, and they are taking the PAGG Supplement from Pareto Nutrition. We’re working with our couples, coaching them and providing help along the way, as they work towards their goals. Our couples have set their sights and you can learn more about them, by clicking on the photos above.

This week’s update

In their update videos, our couples show us some great slow carb recipes, and talk about the food that they prepare regularly. Watch out for a delicious chicken fajita bowl, and key your eye on the red wine hamburgers from a family recipe!

Click here to watch this week’s videos

This week, our couples had been doing so well that we took a week off coaching, to give them some room to breathe and manage their own progress over a two week period. They are all seeing positive benefits in their lives currently, and we’ve been really impressed with just how focused they are on fine tuning their approaches and getting great results.

Have a look through this week’s videos, watch our couples, and leave your comments!
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The Four Hour Body Couple

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