Week 4 – Steven and Kat

Watch Steven and Kat talk about how they are looking at food differently, what its like to be eating out, and cooking at home. Check it out »

Week 4 – Jesse and Melinie

Watch Jesse and Melinie talk about how their grocery shopping has changed - their bill is now lower at the checkout, even with the mountains of spinach and eggs they go through. Check it out »

Week 4 – Brent and Lauren

Brent and Lauren have plateaued in weight loss but are still seeing a change in inches. Brent is gaining some muscle, Lauren losing inches. They talk about their shopping and how their perception of a regular dinner plate of food is different now. Check it out »

Week 4 – Kirsten and Larry

Kirsten, Larry (and Frankie) talk about how they only generally go out for food on their cheat days, grocery shopping and getting some funny looks from the checkout staff. Check it out »

Week 4 – Heather and Steve

Heather and Steve share their results thus far, and introduce their cat, who weighs the same as what they've lost in the last 3 weeks! It's grilling time in California, so they share some spice secrets for steak and chicken. Check it out »