Week 4 – Jesse and Melinie

Watch Jesse and Melinie talk about how their grocery shopping has changed – their bill is now lower at the checkout, even with the mountains of spinach and eggs they go through. Melinie loves spinach and finds she really looks forward to the day after cheat day, as carbs leave her feeling a bit bloated and not as satisfied. There’s a few foods she has challenges with, but for the majority, its a great experience. Jesse has been surprised about how much he enjoys spinach and some of the other slow carb foods.
They’ve learned to like some new things, and found some great resources online for recipes. As a family, they make some meals in advance, so it’s easy to heat something quickly for everyone. Another benefit is that loose change no longer finds it way to a fast food take out window, and those extra dollars are in their wallet.
Do you have some tips on shopping and getting creative with recipes? Share them below!

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