Week 4 – Brent and Lauren

Brent and Lauren have plateaued in weight loss but are still seeing a change in inches. Brent is gaining some muscle, Lauren losing inches. They talk about their shopping and how they see their dinner plate now, compared to what they were used to. They really feel much more full after a meal, and don’t feel like they need to snack after eating a meal.
They were both surprised with how much they enjoy refried beans as an alternative to potato. They’ve both noticed a change in their taste for fast food – Lauren, who used to love McDonalds now doesn’t have a taste for any of their foods, and Brent doesn’t have the craving for snack foods like potato chips, etc. He’s been pleasantly surprised that at how he no longer feels like eating those foods, rather than having to restrain himself, which is what he expected.
Their perspective has shifted, after just 4-6 weeks on the diet, and their general wellbeing has improved substantially.
Have you found a similar thing with your taste for fast food? Or are you feeling better in general? Leave your comment below!

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