Week 4 – Kirsten and Larry

Kirsten, Larry (and Frankie) talk about how they only generally go out for food on their cheat days, grocery shopping and getting some funny looks from the checkout staff. They laugh about going through the store with loads of beans and cottage cheese. Larry found that in a popular store, he just didn’t see anything on the food shelves that would help him reach his goals.
Kirsten has discovered that as an emotional eater, she’s had to analyze her comfort foods as she realized there’s nothing in the slow carb food world that satisfy her cravings for emotional eating. She’s progressing well, and Larry too has been working hard with late night snacking and emotional eating, but he’s seeing some really great progress as his belly shrinks.
They both loving get back to the beans after cheat day and share some great quick recipe ideas for tasty slow carb meals.
Do you find that your emotional eating has changed because of slow carb? Or are you wondering what it would be like? Leave your comment or questions below!

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