Couples Challenge Finishes

four hour body coupleHi everyone, Luke and Kat here – the Four Hour Body Couple!

So, for anyone that’s new to the Couples Challenge, here’s the background: We took 5 couples, from around North America, who lived the four hour body lifestyle – they ate according to the slow carb guidelines in the book, and they took the PAGG Supplement from Pareto Nutrition. We worked with our couples, coaching them and providing help along the way, as they worked towards their goals. Our couples set their sights on their goals, and you can learn more about them, by clicking on the photos above.

The Couples Challenge Concludes

Our Couples Challenge was a real success.

Our couples shared a lot of great tips and experiences, in their videos, and we really encourage you to check them out, by clicking on the links to the left, or the couples in the photos above.

We had some great results, some challenges, with great solutions along the way, and we all learned a lot. We want to say a huge thanks to our couples for sharing their lives with the thousands of people who came and checked out the videos, and thanks to everyone that watches them – there’s a lot to learn, and they are great to get some inspiration and some motivation.

Here’s a message from Kat:

And here’s the winning announcement from Luke:

All the best,
Luke and Kat

The Four Hour Body Couple

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